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Catalyst tour, ongoing tax reform, candidate filings, and other items of interest

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The Salisbury Post is the latest publication to highlight John Locke Foundation Chairman John Hood‘s ongoing tour with former Gov. Jim Martin to promote Catalyst, Hood’s political biography of Martin. N.C. Senate Republicans promoted in their daily press emails this week Hood’s columns on government spending disputes and media disinterest in North Carolina’s good budget news.

The N.C. Spin website publicized Carolina Journal Associate Editor Dan Way‘s articles on retiring state Sen. Bob Rucho’s tax reform priorities, a recap of the first day of 2016 candidate filing, and Gov. Pat McCrory’s campaign against underage drinking. N.C. Spin also promoted Executive Editor Don Carrington‘s investigation of Apple’s dubious renewable energy claims.

Managing Editor Rick Henderson and JLF Vice President for Marketing and Communications Donna Martinez dissect the week’s top political news for this weekend’s edition of Curtis Media Group’s “People In Politics.” Martinez addressed recent legislative achievements and the John Locke Foundation’s upcoming candidate education forum series during a speech to the Raleigh Republican Club.

Henderson’s recent CJ editorial on subjecting the University of North Carolina system to a process resembling the military’s base-closing process inspired a similar proposal from the Rio Grande Foundation for New Mexico’s higher education system.

Vice President for Outreach Becki Gray continues regular politics and public policy updates for WTSB Radio. Senior Political Analyst Mitch Kokai fills in this morning for Bill LuMaye as host of WPTF Radio’s late-morning program. WTVD Television interviewed Kokai about the impact of new state legislation dubbed the “ag gag” law. The Heartland Institute interviewed Kokai for an article about a recent local smoking ban in China Grove.

The Forest City Daily Courier referenced JLF’s website in an article about Forest City’s new government website. The Wake Forest Weekly published CJ Associate Editor Barry Smith‘s article on state government property sales.

The N.C. Libertarian Party announced that Smith will moderate a presidential candidates’ debate in March. The Senate GOP promoted Smith’s story on a dog-boarding company’s struggles with state regulators and Way’s article on Rucho’s tax proposals.

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