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    myFutureNC: Localizing the Goal

    Featuring Peter Hans: Co-Chair of myFutureNC / Jeni Corn: Senior Advisor at myFutureNC
    on February 24, 2020
    As our economy grows, the vast majority of new jobs require education beyond a high school diploma, but fewer than half of North Carolinians ages 25 to…
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    How Secure are Pensions for Teachers and State Employees?

    Featuring Jen Sidorova: Policy Analyst at Reason Foundation / Leonard Gilroy: Vice President of Government Reform at Reason Foundation
    on February 10, 2020
    Over 500,000 current and former state employees and teachers across the state depend on the state pension system for their financial security in retirement. The North Carolina Teachers’ and…
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    High-Stakes Testing Drives Mainstream Curriculum in America

    Featuring Jeremy Tate: CEO of the Classic Learning Test
    on February 3, 2020
    There is little debate that high-stakes testing has a powerful influence on mainstream curriculum. Given this reality, what types of texts and authors should the most important exams, such as…
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    Excellent Schools Are the Best Community Development Programs

    Featuring Robert L. Luddy: Founder & President of CaptiveAire Systems and Founder & Chairman: Franklin Academy, St. Thomas More Academy, Thales Academy
    on January 27, 2020
    Nothing can influence a community more than a good school. However, neighborhood schools do not meet the needs, challenges, and expectations of every child and every family. To kick off…
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    Separation of Power, Watergate and Beyond

    Featuring Rufus Edmisten: Former North Carolina Attorney General and Secretary of State, 1984 Democratic nominee for Governor
    on January 13, 2020
    In this presentation, former North Carolina Attorney General and Secretary of State Rufus Edmisten will share highlights of his recently published memoir, That’s Rufus: A Memoir of Tar Heel Politics, Watergate…